Workplace Resources – mental health-related organizations offering assessments, consultants, education…

Workplace Resources – mental health-related organizations offering assessments, consultants, education…

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Blue Booklet


Description: The Blue Booklet

The Blue Booklet, entitled ‘When Someone is Thinking of Suicide’ is facts tips and resources about suicide prevention. It is intended for those at risk of suicide and for concerned relatives and friends. The resources are specific to



2020-18 St. NW

Calgary, Alberta T2M 3T1

Phone: (403) 220-0022

Email: [email protected]


Description: The Canadian Institute of Natural and Integrative Medicine ( is offering an online learning tool that helps young people bounce back from setbacks, reduce anxiety, develop healthy behaviors, and find purpose and meaning in their lives. It helps

CFO Framework for Mental Health and Productivity


Description: A business case for mental health that looks at the costs associated with poor mental health in the workplace. It covers decreased revenues, increased expenses, long-term impact and more.

Changing Minds at Work


Description: Presentations and workshops which focus on building awareness of mental illness, educating employers and employees about practical approaches to early intervention, education and mental health strategies.

Detention Land: Lip Service

Email: [email protected]


Description: A novel that deals with teen mental health (especially anxiety and depression). Written by an expert in educational psychology.

Detention Land tells the story of teen genius, Roger R Prism who is on the verge of a mental breakdown. Unable to fit in at sc

Greenspace Mental Health

Biomedical Zone

Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute

209 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON

Phone: (647) 278-0403

Email: [email protected]


Description: Greenspace Mental Health has developed an online platform designed to help mental health therapists and their patients measure and keep track of progress in an organized way. Patients complete medically validated assessments electronically and the resulti

Guarding Minds @ Work


Description: A self-service resource to help small to large employers assess the psychological health and safety of their own workplace, including a framework for action planning and evaluation.

Health Unify

1010 Titaniium City center

Phone: (909) 909-8142 Ext. 90981

Fax: (909) 909-8142

Toll Free: 9099098142

Email: [email protected]


Description: Our mission is to help people to neutralize their stress level and re-gain their fitness. We provide important tips on various health issues like skin care, fat burning, healthy bones, fighting common flues, dental care, anti-oxidant food intake, etc. & w

Lam Employment Absence and Productivity Scale (LEAPS)

Description: This too tool provides important info about how staff with depression are functioning at work. It can help physicians make management decisions such as whether or not a patient should stay at work.

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace


Description: A computer based course, which trains management on how to effectively interact with employees with potential mental health issues. Managers learn to recognize signs of potential mental illness…

Managing Mental Health Matters


Description: A video-based training program designed to help managers, supervisors and other leaders learn how to effectively recognize and manage mental health-related issues in the workplace.

Mental Health Central

377 Burnhamthorpe Rd E

Mississauga ON

L4Z 1H1

Phone: (905) 897-7793 Ext.

Toll Free: 888-275-8007

Email: [email protected]

Description: Moods is used as an educational tool to assist all levels of staff in understanding and dealing with mood disorders and other mental health issues, as well as promoting ways to ensure an overall healthy work environment.

Mental Health Checkup


Description: A comprehensive and confidential self-test, developed by a world renown doctor, which screens for potential anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder and more.

Mental Health My Action Plan (M.A.P.)


Description: A confidential and private tool for people in the workplace who are experiencing a mental health condition, and who would benefit from ongoing support on their road to recovery.

Mental Health Works

180 Dundas Street West

Suite 2301

Toronto, ON

M5G 1Z8

Phone: (416) 977-5580

Toll Free: 18008756213

Email: [email protected]


Description: Mental Health Works helps organizations to manage their duty to accommodate employees experiencing mental disabilities such as depression or anxiety in the workplace.

Mood Food Culinary


Description: Unique corporate culinary classes fusing chemistry and cooking together, empowering participants to prepare healthy foods with a positive impact on mental wellness – offered onsite and offsite.

On the Agenda


Description: Slide presentations provided that human resources professionals, managers and other leaders can use to facilitate discussion on workplace mental health.

Phone: (289) 997-2456 Ext.

Website: [email protected]

Description: Peer Support skills training workshops, motivational speaking, support group creation & maintenance.

Psychological Health and Safety Programs for Workplaces

811A- 65 Cedar Pointe Dr.

Barrie, ON

Phone: (705) 721-4884


Description: Inside Matters offers professional counselling, psychotherapy as well as a wide range of programs, education, and support for workplace psychological health and safety.

Psychological Health and Safety: An Action Guide for Employers

10301 Southport Lane SW

Phone: (403) 385-4050

Email: [email protected]


Description: Psychological Health and Safety: An Action Guide for Employers

Mental health problems and illnesses are the leading cause of both short- and long?term disabilities in Canada. To help address this, the Mental Health Commission of Canada has introduced a

Single Spirit Mental Health

1116 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 2Y2

Phone: (647) 557-3484

Email: [email protected]


Description: Since 2003, Single Spirit Mental Health, has helped thousands of people heal their pain and feel fulfilled. Our therapists deliver services that are focused on your results. We achieve this professionally, consistently, & compassionately. We challenge you

Tell Someone Cards


Description: This business card sized card is designed for wallet or purse. It has signs of suicide and prevention tips on one side and crisis response numbers.

Trauma Recovery Program by Traumatology Institute + Dr. Anna Baranowsky

45 Sheppard Ave. E.

Phone: (416) 229-1477 Ext. 335

Email: [email protected]


Description: Developed by Dr. Anna B Baranowsky through her years of experience working with trauma clients, the Trauma Recovery Program Online is a very comprehensive, adjunctive care online program to help trauma survivors learn to manage their symptoms. Although it

Traumatology Institute

45 Shepaprd Ave. E.

Phone: (416) 229-1477 Ext. 335

Email: [email protected]

Website: &

Description: The Traumatology Institute was developed to provide the best training and care in the emerging field of emotional trauma care and compassion fatigue response. Its mandate is to meet the needs of trauma survivors, their family members, friends and colleagu

What is PTSD? 3 Steps to Healing Trauma (Baranowsky & Lauer, 2012)

Traumatology Institute

45 Sheppard Ave E., Suite 419

Toronto, Ontario M2N 5W9

Phone: (416) 229-1477 Ext. 335

Fax: (416) 229-9882

Email: [email protected]


Description: the perfect companion for your recovery, introducing you to techniques and strategies that have helped thousands of our clients.

embark on their own healing journey.

We invite you to discover:

Three essential steps to healing trauma

How yo

When Something’s Wrong: Strategies for the Workplace


Description: A handbook providing information, strategies and resources designed to deal with a range of issues from early identification to managing return to work and creating healthy workplace environments.

Working Through It


Description: A scenario-based video training program to help reclaim well-being at work, off work and when returning to work. It focuses on video interviews of real people sharing their experiences.

Working Through It


Description: A a free online tool that offers hope and guidance to employees struggling with mental health issues at work. It also helps employers gain insight as to what an employee who is

struggling with a mental health issue may be experiencing.

Workplace Essential Skills Partnership

1929 Bayview Avenue

Toronto, Ontario M4G 3E8

Phone: (416) 486-2500 Ext. 8605

Email: [email protected]


Description: A pre-employment program designed for jobseekers with disabilities and funded by Employment Ontario.

Workplace Insight Ltd.

440 Elizabeth Street

Suite 302


ON Canada

L7R 2M1

Phone: (905) 681-6680

Fax: (905) 681-6681


Description: We offer a range of customizable courses to meet your workplace mental heath needs. Our services support course learning and range from face-to-face workshops to web-based applications.

Our goal is to improve employee performance for our clients throug

Workplace Mental Health Online Educational Program

Phone: (905) 897-7793

Toll Free: 18882758007

Email: [email protected]


Description: Educational information to assist corporations with knowledge and preventative measures in the area of mental illness, potentially increasing bottom lines. Included is access to a mental health self-test for staff and a digital version of Moods Magazine i

Workplace Strategies for Mental Health


Description: A free resource providing strategies, tools and support for workplace mental health initiatives.

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