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Eating Disorders
Section provided by: 'Eating Disorders of York Region'
Table of Contents

A Warm Line for Eating Disorders
Debunking dieting myths: Start with adolescents
The Need for Early Intervention
Image is Everything to Teens
How do you recognize anorexia in a child?
Meet our
Honorary Advisory Council

Ron Ellis
Paul E. Garfinkel, FRCP(C),
Sidney H. Kennedy, FRCP(C)
The Hon. Michael J. L. Kirby
Stanley Kutcher, FRCP(C)
Roger S. McIntyre, FRCP(C)
Rona Maynard
Brian Mullen
Edgardo Perez, FRCP(C)
Doris Sommer-Rotenberg
Bill Wilkerson
The Hon. Michael H. Wilson


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