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Table of Contents

Romeo Dallaire — Shake Hands With the Devil
Gary Rubie: A Police Officer’s Struggles with Work-related PTSDD
The Publisher's Story
Jacqueline Halstead's Story
At Wits End
The Toughest Years of My Life and I'm Only 14
Seeing Clearly Again
Searching for the Light
The Ron Ellis Story
PPD With All Three
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Meet our
Honorary Advisory Council

Ron Ellis
Paul E. Garfinkel, FRCP(C),
Sidney H. Kennedy, FRCP(C)
The Hon. Michael J. L. Kirby
Stanley Kutcher, FRCP(C)
Roger S. McIntyre, FRCP(C)
Rona Maynard
Brian Mullen
Edgardo Perez, FRCP(C)
Doris Sommer-Rotenberg
Bill Wilkerson
The Hon. Michael H. Wilson


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